Cultivation Laws Utah

The state laws for growing cannabis in Utah are relatively stricter as compared to the rest of the states that have legalized marijuana. For cannabis farming, a medical recommendation is required else, and cultivation is considered the same as possession. Even the possession of marijuana in Utah is considered illegal if you do not have a medical marijuana card.

In Utah, only the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) is in charge of cannabis cultivation. Home cultivation is prohibited.

Growth of marijuana lesser up to one ounce is also punishable by the Utah Law, and the individual can be subjected to $1,000 fine as well as up to six months in jail. The penalty amount further increases to $2500 in case the cultivation are between an ounce and a pound.

Further, if the felony of growing marijuana is between 1-100 pounds in total, it can result in five years in prison and a fine of $5000.

In case the growth quantity is furthermore than 100 pounds, the sentence in jail exceeds a minimum of one year, and the fine is up to $10,000.

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