Cultivation Laws Pennsylvania

The first step for the commercial cultivation of cannabis in Pennsylvania is applying for a marijuana business permit. A total of 5 business permits are allowed to a single applicant. The applicant must be at least 25 years of age.

Before the application is submitted, the applicant must undergo a state and federal criminal background check. The details of the cannabis cultivation business plan with a description of the organization and business activities also need to be provided.

This permit application demands several other information relating to your cannabis farming business. This information includes the ability to hold a good command over the security in the premises and prevent any illegal conduct or diversion. It also needs evidence that the applicant complies with the municipality zoning requirements. Applications that meet with the criteria will be approved by the Department of Health.

For the permit application for growing cannabis, a non-refundable application fee of $10,000 has to be paid along with a refundable application fee of $2,00,000 (which will be refunded in case the application gets declined). You also need to show proof of capital funds, which is $2 million, from which $5,00,000 should be liquid in the applicant’s bank account.

As per the state laws for growing cannabis, those who receive the permit need to complete a two-hour training course so as to ensure they are fit to run the business and have understood the rules and regulations.

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