Ohio Cultivation Laws

Another American state that legalizes the use of cannabis for medical patients and treatment. The state has an established medical cannabis system, which is closely monitored and regulated. However, till the present times, the cannabis cultivation remains illegal in the state.

It is one of the states that treat cannabis farming as possession and accordingly sets the punishment. The minimal penalty is $150 for growing up to 100 grams of cannabis. There are several restriction laws on the cultivation of marijuana. Farming between 100-200 grams is a minor misdemeanor. You can face up to 30 days of a prison sentence and are required to pay $250 fine.

Growing of 250 grams and more is a serious felony. You can face one year of imprisonment for growing marijuana between 200-1000 grams. The penalty is $2,500. For 1-2 kgs of marijuana, the subject can face a maximum of 5 years of jail and a $2,500 penalty. For 2-4 kgs, it is 5-8 years of jail time and more than $15,000 fine.

For growing more than 4kgs of marijuana, you will face a minimum of 8 years of prison and $20,000 fine.

Below are the details regarding the application fee penalties. The applicant fee is $2,000, preliminary licensing fee is $18,000-$180,000 and perennial license renewal cost is $20,000- $25,000.

Ohio medical cannabis cultivation requirements and licensing: https://www.medicalmarijuana.ohio.gov/cultivation