Cultivation Laws North Dakota

North Dakota has legal programs for the use of marijuana for medical intentions. The use, possession, or cannabis cultivation for any other purposes is strictly prohibited. The state has legalized the consumption of medicinal cannabis. However, it doesn’t authorize cannabis farming for any kind of purpose.

The growing of cannabis is the same crime as possession in this state. Read below to find out the law restrictions regarding marijuana. The cultivation of half an ounce is an unlawful violation. The cultivator has to pay a fine of $1000 and more.

The growth of half an ounce, but lesser than 500 grams, is a punishable offense. The criminal faces 30 days of jail time and is legally required to pay a $1,500 penalty. If the cultivated amount is more than 500 grams limit, then the maximal jail time is one year. The penalty charge is up to $3,000.

For medical patients, who are looking for the application fee amounts have come to the right place. Read below to find out the relevant expenditure for growing cannabis. Applicant fee is $5,000, and a yearly license fee is $110,000