Cultivation Laws New York

Following its neighboring state’s footsteps, New York has legalized the use of marijuana for precisely medical reasons. Then cannabis cultivation under any other circumstances is treated as a punishable crime. With the drug rings growing in the city, the state has placed strict laws to monitor and control the drug crime situation.

Below are some laws regarding illegal growing and using marijuana. It will help you get a clearer picture of the restrictions laws in New York.

You are pressed with misdemeanor charges, which means one year of imprisonment, along with $1,000 fine. The penalties can be harsh, depending upon your situation. Most of the time, the subject is all tried for both possession and cultivation regarding the same marijuana.

The convictions are becoming stricter as the cannabis situation is growing in the city. For medical patients in the state of New York, there are two kinds of application fees. The general application fee is $5,000, and the initial enrollment fee is $200,000

New York is one of the highest charging applicant fees for growing marijuana for medicinal reasons. It would be beneficial for many patients if the state could lower the fee.