Cultivation Laws New Jersey

Similar to most other states, New Jersey allows the use and growth of marijuana for medical reasons only. Generally, the Garden State has strict laws restricting cannabis farming and cultivating for recreational purposes. However, the state might be looking at new changes in the policy to allow cannabis for adult-use.

Medical patients are continuing to petition to legalize their right to grow their own marijuana for medical care. Other than that, there are strict laws that prohibit cannabis cultivation. The laws are as follows- Growing ten plants or less is imprisonment for 3-5 years, and you may have to pay a $25,000 fine.

Growing plants between 10-49 plants are imprisonment for 5-10 years, and you’re charged with a $150,000 penalty. Growing 50 plants or more is jail time for 10-20 years, and in addition, you may have to pay a $300,000 fine.

With such strict laws and penalties in place, it’s best to avoid such situations.

New Jersey makes an exception for medical purposes only, and thus charges a suitable fee for growing them. The application fee is up to $20,000, and the state also generously refunds $18,000 in case of an unsuccessful or rejected application.

The state has licensed up to six ACTs or alternative treatment centers to grow and process medicinal marijuana.

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