Cultivation Laws New Hampshire

Under HB 364, the patients and caretakers of New Hampshire are allowed to grow cannabis for medical reasons only. The cannabis cultivation for medicinal purposes limits the patients up to 3 immature and mature plants each. The state authorizes the growth of 12 seedlings too.

The cultivation is allowed under one condition. That is, cannabis farming should be shielded from the public’s view, and you should do it in a secure location.

The restriction laws regarding the farming and possession of cannabis differ in a few respects.

If the growing limit exceeds three-fourths of an ounce, then it is treated as a civil violation. Nothing serious in this scenario as it is only a first or a second-degree offense. The person is subject to pay $100 plus fine as well.

As cultivation is considered as possession in New Hampshire, the penalty regarding the same is severe. If the person is found cultivating more than three-quarters of an ounce, then they can face prison for up to 1 year. Along with imprisonment, the subject has to settle a $350 fine.

Other felonies such as growing with the intend of sale or distribution and possession lead to stricter penalties. The application fee is $5,000, and an annual license cost is $40,000- $80,000. The annual licensing fee will depend upon your geographical location.

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