Cultivation Laws Nevada

Cannabis is entirely legal in Nevada. The residents in the state have full freedom for the personal and commercial cultivation of cannabis. The state has rather laid back laws regarding marijuana. However, specific laws regulate the growth of cannabis.

The state of Nevada allows all adult non-medical patients to lawfully grow up to 6 marijuana plants. They can legally possess it, too, only if they live under the 25-mile radius of a recreational dispensary.

The number of growing cannabis plants should be under the limit of 12.  Furthermore, you should grow them in a space that is visible to the public eye.

However, with such liberty comes with the restrictions regarding state laws for growing cannabis. The restriction law states that if an individual is caught cultivating more than 12 plants, then he/she can be charged with a serious crime.

The people charged with this felony can face up to 1-4 years of a prison sentence. In addition, there is also a $5,000 fine levied on their name. The larger the number of cultivated plants, the severe is the penalty.

One of the frequently asked questions about cannabis planting is the charged licensing fee. There are two main fees that an individual is required to pay to grow cannabis. The application cost is $5,000, and the annual license expense is $30,000.

Additionally, there is an established medical cannabis system in the state under the law LB110 in Nevada. Although this measure entirely restricts the growing of cannabis at residents.

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