Cultivation Laws Missouri

In Missouri, growing any amount of cannabis is considered as illegal. Medical patients, however, aren’t subject to this term. Medical cannabis patients are allowed to grow up to 6 plants. However, the space for growing these plants is restricted.

For instance, cannabis patients in Missouri must grow their plants in secured and enclosed areas of their homes. Home cultivators, on the other hand, may need to pay extra licensing fees. Only then will they get approved.

Further, growing about 35 grams of marijuana can result in a penalty of four years. Along with this, you may need to pay a fine of about $10000 in the state. On growing more than 35 grams of marijuana, you may face about 3 to 10 years of prison time.

You may also be charged with extra penalties on cultivating marijuana near restricted areas. These include school complexes and similar public areas. In such circumstances, you will face prison time of about five years.

This prison time for the same in Missouri can extend up to 15 years. You will also have to pay twice the fine of the initial fee. The cultivation license application fee is about $10000.