Cultivation Laws Michigan

Michigan is another state that legalizes the use of marijuana. The Great Lakes State allows adults to grow about 12 plants at home. Every caregiver can offer support to about five patients in Michigan.

Further, on being approved, caregivers can grow up to 60 plants as per the Michigan Law for cultivating marijuana. This is solely subject to taking care of their respective patients. That being said, adults growing about 12 to 24 plants can face a critical felony charge.

This charge may further come with a fine of about $500. Individuals growing 24 or more plants are subject to a serious misdemeanor.

In brief, adults growing 25 to 200 cannabis plants may need to pay a fine of about $500000. Growing about 200 to more plants can cost you a fine of about $10000000. The application form fees for growing canvas vary.

The state license application fee is about $6000. The class, a license fee for 500 plants, is about $150000. The Class B license fee for 1000 plants is $300000. The Class C license fee for 1500 plants is about $500000. Lastly, the processor license fee is about $300000.

For full state laws and regulatory codes visit Michigan’s Regulatory Agency (MRA) visit