Cultivation Laws Massachusetts

The rules in Massachusetts for marijuana differ. For instance, every adult is legal to use marijuana there. Massachusetts lets adults of ages 21years and above grow marijuana as well. However, access to growing marijuana is limited to some. To put it briefly, adults can grow about six plants without issues.

Simultaneously, if there are two adults living in the same home, then they can grow about 12 plants in total. Adults can thus grow marijuana for every other purpose. That is, their purpose of growing marijuana can be recreational or medical. However, you may cultivate marijuana in a non-public space.

Cultivating within a public area or a street view can result in a felony. On violating this rule, you may need to pay a fine of about $300.

The application fees for cultivating marijuana in Massachusetts are broadened into several varied elements. The total application fees can range from about $200 to $3000. This is subject to the overall area as measured in square feet.

The annual license fees in Massachusetts can range from $1250 to $12500. You will also have to pay a fine of about $100000.