Cultivation Laws Maryland

Maryland allows selected medical patients to purchase marijuana from different state-permitted vendors. Nonetheless, no individual can cultivate their own marijuana. Medical patients or other individuals caught cultivating marijuana may face felony charges.

Thus, commercial cultivation or medical cultivation of marijuana is illegal accordion to the Maryland Law. Offenders possessing marijuana may face a certain period of imprisonment. They may also need to pay a serious fine.

Growing about 10 grams to 50 points is a high-charge crime. For such a felony, the offender is subject to one year jail. Along with serving the prison period, there is about $1000 fine as well.

Growing about 50 pounds or more can result in a punishable felony of up to 5 years of prison term. Note that this term is mandatory at all costs as per the Maryland Law.

The application fee for Cannabis growers in the state is $6,000. Also, the annual cultivation fee in Maryland is $125,000.