Cultivation Laws Maine

The state laws for growing cannabis is Maine is different from many states. Only individuals of a certain age group can cultivate their own marijuana. For instance, adults aged 21 and above can access marijuana.

However, the amount of marijuana that you can grow differs. Every home can maximally grow up to 6 mature plants to 13 immature plants. The state fundamentally distinguishes between adult-use and medical-use cannabis.

That being said, the basic limit for both types of growers remains the same. In brief, you can cultivate about three flowering plants In Maine. Growing more than four plants can result in a felony.

In brief, growing about 4 to 99 plants can result in a serious felony of one-year jail imprisonment. You may also need to pay a fine of $2000 with this. Growing about 100 to 500 plants can result in a penalty of $5000 fine. Further, you will also face five-year prison time.

Lastly, you could face a prison term of about ten years in growing 500 or more plants. For this, you will have to pay a fine of $20000.

The application form fee for cultivating marijuana is $300 every patient. The annual cultivation license fees can range about $300 per patient.