Cultivation Laws Louisiana

Medical marijuana got legalized in August 2019 in Louisiana. Nonetheless, weed is only accessible from two chief sources. These include- Southern University and Louisiana State University. In the state, home growers and patients are strictly prohibited from growing marijuana anywhere on their property.

Due to this, there is no process for licensing in Louisiana, either. Only these two companies are permitted to grow marijuana. Individuals caught growing marijuana may face serious charges as per the laws.

Further, you may also be subject to fines, depending on the felony charge. The bottom line is that every growing cannabis for any purpose is considered a crime and is punishable.

The mandatory penalty that you are subject to is about five years of imprisonment. The prison-term can extend up to 30 years as well, depending upon the crime severity. Along with this, you also need to pay about $50000 fine.

On making succeeding offenders, your penalty can range between 10-60 years of imprisonment. You will also be subject to paying a fine of $100000 fine.