Cultivation Laws Illinois

In Illinois, recreational cannabis is considered as legal. However, non-medical patients should strictly refrain from cultivating their own marijuana. Every registered patient can only grow a certain amount of plants.

In brief, every approved patient can grow about five plants. Growing more plants than this can result in a felony. Recreational users cannot about five plants as they will have to pay about $200 fine.

To be precise, growing about 5 to 20 plants can result in a felony. You may face 1-3 years of imprisonment with about $25000 fees. Growing about 20 to 50 plants can lead to a felony charge of about 2-5 years. You may further need to pay about $25000 of fine.

Growing 50 to 200 plants results in a felony subject to about 3-7 years of imprisonment. Along with this, you are subject to a fine of $1000. Lastly, growing about 200 or more plants is a serious and punishable offense. You will face about 4-15 years of imprisonment with a $100000 fine.

The application form fee for cultivating marijuana is $25000. Additionally, you also need to pay about $75000 for the annual licensing fee for growing marijuana.