Cultivation Laws Hawaii

The cannabis farming laws in Hawaii are distinguishing. The Aloha State recently started approving cannabis for medical reciprocities. Cardholders can thus obtain cannabis while in Hawaii. Further, the state also offers certified caregivers and patients, complete access to cultivating it. However, the amount of plants that you can cultivate differs.

Growing more than 25 plants of marijuana is considered to be illegal. Further, marijuana in Hawaii is only accessible for medical purposes. On growing about 25 to 50 plants, you may face about five years imprisonment with a $10000 fine.

Similarly, growing about 50 to 100 plants can lead to a penalty fee of $25000 with over ten years of imprisonment.

Offenders growing over 100 or more cannabis plants may face about 20 years of prison time with a $50000 fine. Penalties may also be different in cultivating cannabis on a third-party’s property. Here, growing about 25 plants can lead to a felony charge of up to 10 years imprisonment. You may also need to pay a maximum fine of $25000.

Growing 25 or more plants on somebody else’s property may result in a 20-year jail term. You will also need to pay a fine of $50000. The application form fee for cultivating marijuana in Hawaii is $5000. The annual licensing fees are $75000.