Commecial Grow Room Design: Key Steps

commercial grow design plan

Planning and building a marijuana growing room requires a lot of research beforehand. The quality and amount of yield will be heavily influenced by your room and equipment. Before you start drawing up plans, make sure you possess all the required licenses and paperwork.

Your setup will depend on your method of cultivation, so you must decide first and then start designing your room. Once you have done that, read on to find out all your commercial growing room’s needs.

1.    Location And Room Type

You will want to make sure that your grow room is somewhere, the environment can be controlled and has access to electrical systems, water systems, and waste disposal.

Having a grow room near your markets and labor is also a plus.

Cellars and underground environments make good grow rooms as they are below ground and are more resistant to sudden temperature changes.

Avoid rooms with large windows or openings to allow for better temperature control.

Your room must be big enough for growing commercial amounts of marijuana and devoid of all unnecessary decorations and furniture.

2. Lighting

You will first need to make sure that your room does not get any light from the outside. Yes, plants need light for photosynthesis, but using grow lights and reflective surfaces will give you precise control over the amount of it.

You can choose between LED and MPS lighting, and you will need different wattages for the vegetation and flowering stages.

Painting your walls white or covering your walls with reflective materials is recommended as it will let your plants absorb more light.

The schedule of light and darkness is very important, with plants needing 16 hours of light and 6 of darkness during vegetation. During the flowering season, they require 12 hours on and off.

3. Temperature

Temperature control is extremely important for the health and flavor of your yield. Marijuana plants flourish in temperatures that aren’t too hot or cold. A temperature range of 65-85 ° F is ideal.

Installing a thermostat and controller will allow for easy reading and changing of the temperature.

Make sure the temperature is aligned with your lighting and is higher during hours with light and lower during dark hours. You should also be aware of providing extra heating and cooling during the winter and summer months.

4. Ventilation And Air Flow

Good ventilation and air-flow are essential. You can access air supply via a window, air duct, or even a chimney.

You’ll need an efficient ventilation system so that fresh air can enter the room and stale air can leave it. This will prevent overheating, mildew, fungus, and insects.

Installing fans throughout your room will help the air-flow and spread the heat and carbon dioxide evenly.

5. Humidity And Water Flow

The ideal humidity level for marijuana plants is around 40-70%. You will need a device to measure and control humidity. You should also have air vents and a dehumidifier installed in case your humidity levels rise above 70%.

Low humidity will make your plants consume more water, and high humidity will cause fungus and mold to form.

A good water connection and distribution system are vital for good growth. Make sure that you are close to a water source and have easy access. Installing drains and making sure your floors are waterproof will make your room easier to keep clean.

6. Controlling The Smell

As you may already know, marijuana has quite a strong scent. Along with an efficient exhaust system to air out the room, you should invest in a carbon filter that traps in odorous molecules so that they aren’t directly let out.

7. Security

Marijuana farming is a lucrative business, and it is important to choose a discreet location for your room. The basic measures to take are to have locks on all doors, seal the windows and to control the smell.

Nowadays, it is ideal for a commercial grower to install a robust security system and cameras around the property to ensure the privacy and safety of the crops.

Summing Up

Building a growing room can seem daunting and intense. You may feel discouraged after looking at all the preparation required, but all the effort will pay off when you yield large amounts of high-quality marijuana.

After all, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, and a well-built grow room is a huge factor in assuring it. In case you have more questions, you can speak to people already in the industry and even contact specialized designers for more insight into your project.