Cultivation Laws Delaware

The state laws for growing cannabis are quite similar in Delaware compared to Connecticut. Any amount of non-medical marijuana grown is accounted for as a felony. Thus, other than medical purposes, growing marijuana in Delaware is strictly prohibited.

On cultivating about 1500 grams of marijuana or less than that, you may be charged with a sentence of up to 8 years of prison. The charges further vary on the amount of marijuana grown. For instance, on growing marijuana between 1500 to 5000 grams, you will be charged with a 15-year imprisonment term.

The felony charges increased subject to the overall amount of marijuana. For about 4000 grams or more, you may face a mandatory prison term if about two years. The maximum prison term for this amount can extend up to 25 years.

Further, the cultivation charges or fees also differ. Patients should thus strictly refrain from growing marijuana in Delaware.

The initial application form fee for cultivating marijuana in Delaware is $2500. The cultivation license registration fee is about $7500. Lastly, the fees for annual cultivation license renewal include- $75000. The usage of marijuana in Delaware is decriminalized. However, individuals may fall prey to an extreme penalty if used or cultivated for a non-medical purpose.