Cultivation Laws Connecticut

The marijuana cultivation laws differ from state to state. Many states allow home grows, specifically for recreational use. On the other hand, some states only allow cannabis cultivation for medical purposes. In Connecticut, marijuana cultivation for any purpose but non-medical use is considered illegal. 

Thus, every individual growing marijuana in their homes may be charged for a felony. The overall penalty charges for the cultivation depend on the marijuana found. The maximal cultivation penalty in Connecticut of about 1 Kilogram or less is 7-year prison time. Further, you will also need to pay about $25000 as a fine. 

If you own more than 1 kilogram of marijuana, the minimum obligatory charge includes a five years prison sentence. Further, the maximum prison sentence can extend up to about 20 years. The fine charger is $25000. 

Successive offenses will further carry extended sentences. The respective offenders may or may not be liable to increase three years imprisonment. This is subject to cannabis cultivation that takes place in 1500 feet reach of certain areas or complexes. 

These complexes and areas include anything from a public housing project, daycare center, elementary or middle school, and so on. Thus, the use of cannabis in Connecticut is somewhat decriminalized. However, marijuana cultivation is still strictly restricted.