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Our Story

We’re cannabis and hemp evangelists and we want to share the good word of this good plant. 

As more and more states are legalizing both commercial hemp but also medical and recreational marijuana we saw a need for clear, simple, free business resources to help support all of the new businesses popping up around the country. 

Why we are different

We’re non-profit. We’re passionate. We want to help. This website provides free business resources because we want to support this magnificent industry. 

We do share select service providers that we feel are reliable, quality and can help business owners with particular aspects of their businesses. 

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Not for Profit

Everything here is free. If you use a recommended service we may receive a referral commission that has zero impact on your final cost.

Deeply Commited

We are deeply passionate about cannabis and the good that it can do for our country. We're committed to helping.

Highly Skilled

We consulted with business plan experts, cultivation experts, and entrepreneurs to compile as many useful free resources as possible.